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Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Tell us what you want

I went to a club one night, got a little drunk and met two /gorgeous/">gorgeous girls...they both wanted me. They're outfits left little to the imagination, so indeed I wanted what I saw. Sarah, a blond, had on a see through shirt with a black bra underneath, which her 36DDs bulged out of. She had on a jean skirt and high heals. Debbie was wearing a low cut tank top, with everything but her nipples out. 

She too a jean skirt on, and about 36C breasts. You could see through her /tight/tight-top/">tight top that her nipples were pierced, so I couldn't wait. After hours of them getting more and more alcohol in them and fighting over me, I convinced them I could share them. blowjob porn videos But on one condition, they had to do whatever I said. They agreed and we left. 

I got them into my house and grabbed them both on the ass, they immediately started kissing me and grabbing at my cock. I pushed them away and started the show. "Kiss" I said, and they did, Sarah's tongue was going /crazy/">crazy, all over Debbie's lips, while Debbie moaned in enjoyment. "Touch each other" and they did. Sarah pulled Debbie closer and grabbed her ass while grinding against her pussy. 

I could see they started enjoying themselves so I got undressed and lay on my bed watching. Debbie grabbed Sarah's breast and squeezed, to see her nails all over her nipples, her full lips on another woman's breast. They soon undressed and milf porn videos really began going at it. Sarah put her fingers deep inside Debbie while their erect nipple ran across each other. 

They're pussys grinding together, kissing, scratching, moaning. Sarah bit Debbie's nipple as her fingers went in and out her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, making her cum all over them. Sarah removed her fingers and rubbed the cum all over Debbie's breasts while rubbing her leg against her pussy. She lowered her head and began licking her cum while Debbie entered Sarah's pussy. 

She lowered herself finally and began licking her wetness. Causing Sarah to touch herself and squeeze her own breasts. The moaning and fondling increase til I could no longer take it. I called them over. Sarah was ready to orgasm at any minute, so I rammed her on my throbing cock. While Debbie began licking my balls and reaching up to feel Sarah's gigantic breasts bouncing up and down. 

Soon my cock was /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum and Sarah moved her pulsing pussy up to my mouth while Debbie hopped on my cock. Soon Sarah was lying on my stomach with her legs around my head, fingering herself and playing with Debbie's breasts while Debbie road my cock. 

Cum shot everywhere as they both were fighting to smear it on each other and lick it off.