Raoul and Francesco

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Raoul and Francesco

When I lived in Luton twenty years ago I got chatting to these two Spanish lorry drivers, Raul and Francesco, that I met one weekend in a bar downtown. It was a place I regularly went on weekends called the Hard Rock Cafe. Served a Spanish beer called Sol with a wedge of lime in the bottle neck and there was a lot of karaoke and singalong hilarity about the place. I found out that these guys would stop over in Luton on their journey north from Spain to Glasgow because the younger one, Francesco who was aged about 29 or 30 like me at the time, had an English girlfriend called Susan living in Luton. Usually Raoul, who would have been about ten years older, would sleep in the lorry cab while Francesco spent a night of passion with Susan somewhere in Luton other than the parents she normally lived with. Sometimes it was at a mates house or at a hotel.

Raoul was a fairly thick set, dark haired Spaniard. He was about five foot ten, relatively muscular though not a gym jockey, clean shaven, with dark eyes and a pleasant gentle face that invited a smile. He was, I believe, married and with kids but he was a man of few words and spoke little of them. His co-driver Francesco was the slim smooth talker with the handsome well trimmed moustache and goatee beared and irresistible smile that won admiring lances from both sexes. At that time I'm guessing Susan was not his only woman and I think she knew that. But when they met up they were great together. She was petite with attractive eyes and nice figure, always well dressed and beautifully made up. Were it not for the fact that she was happy to meet him openly in the company of all her friends at a local bar I would say she was seeing him on the side just as he was seeing her once a month. But perhaps their twice monthly encounter on the journey to and from Barcelona to Glasgow was enough for her at least.

Anyway, the first night I met them all at the Hard Rock Cafe I was very much on my own and found once we got talking that Susan had attractive girlfriends she was happy to introduce to me. Conversation was fairly inconsequential but flirtatious. But despite a few tours on the dance floor with one of her friends I returned each time to my new found Spanish friends and found myself talking to Raoul who was shy and clearly a bit out of things.

I asked where he was spending the night and he said he would go back to the Lorry they had parked nearby and wait for Francesco to rejoin him in the early morning. In my usual way I idly said that I was in living in a two bed roomed flat and he was welcome to stay over with me till it was time to head off if he wanted a sleep in a proper bed. He said somewhat earnestly that the bed in the lorry was OK in fact and that he had better not leave the lorry unattended all night in case it was interfered with.

As the evening progressed and the signing got louder and the press of bodies more close, I found myself brushing up against Raoul and I suppose this triggered a certain mutual interest. Eventually I found myself flirting with him openly and his shy interest became increasingly more evident. At one point as he stood behind me his right hand slipped over mine and gave it a gentle manly squeeze. Not the sort of handshake between friends but of a man frankly expressing his attraction. I knew then that he would be coming back with me afterall and not to sleep in my spare room.

As we drove back to my flat sitting in the back of a taxi his hand slipped over mine again only more affirmatively and he picked it up and kissed it very sweetly. By this time I was wondering what I had done and with my heart racing we climbed the stairs and closed the door behind us. Before long he had kissed me on the mouth and wrapped his arms around me in a warm lingering embrace. Clearly this was not a man in a hurry. Eventually after undoing his top shirt buttons tofeel his chest and week his exposed nipples I began to undress him to see his muscular shoulders and legs in all their glory and only when he was down to his bulging boxers did he started undressing me like he was unwrapping a precious gift very slowly, caressing my prominent nipples and running his hands down my back to cup my smooth round buttocks and massaging them tenderly. Once I was naked and he still wore his boxers, he picked me up bodily and carried me around looking for a bed, laying me down on the bed of the first room he came to. Treating me almost like an Alpha male would tease a virgin for his own amusement he began fondling my cock and especially my balls, gently kissing them, then licking and then sucking both in his large mouth very passionately indeed. His tongue reached ran between my legs passed the base of my balls flicking along the ridge that extends towards the anus itself.

Then when he could restrain himself no more he lifted my legs back and supported my open buttock with his large hands so he could run his nose and tongue up and down my crack burying his passionate manly features into it like a dog teasing a bitch already on heat. Gosh he was good. That obsession with a long balls sucking and deep sensuous rimming sessions was his theme whenever we met after that. Sometimes he would never get round to full penetration but he would wank me off while massaging my anus with his nose, tongue or a couple of his thick fleshy fingers. Wow it was intense. Physical love at it's best. After I ejaculated we would both fall asleep and I guess he had a lot of sleep to catch up on. Then he would penetrate me in the morning when his thick shafted penis was at its hardest.

On those occasion that he came directly to stay at my flat for the whole evening he would undress me or ask me to greet him at the door wearing no pants under my sweatshirt or silk dressing gown so he could see and feel my buttocks right way or while I was cooking or serving him his meal. He was a bit obsessed. He loved to watch me douche my back passage with the unscrewed showerhead, even grinning lasciviously with his head cocked to one side as he watched the gushes of purying warm water gush out of crack into the toilet bowl below. Then he would shave my balls and between my buttocks till my intimate parts were completely smooth and feminised for his attentions. It used to turn him on to blow air into my anus so he could see and hear my smooth cheeks and winking sphincter rending the air with long odourless farts in his face. Gosh what I didn't do to fan his ardour and pander to his fetish for my tender behind.

After his visits had become something of a regular thing, Francesco and Susan got up the courage to ask if they could sleep in my spare room rather than stay at one of her other friends or rent a hotel room. I said yes. Raoul and I, behind closed doors, left them to it in the other room and got into our usual routine but after an hour and a half of passionate rimming I was begging Raoul to penetrate me finally or at least jack me off so we could both go to sleep. He said he would penetrate me and give me my release in the morning and we drifted off to sleep together.

In the middle of the night I was feeling incredibly horny. I got up to go to the loo and met a naked Francesco standing there in the semi dark of the hallway. Susan had just gone home to her parents house he explained in an odd sort of stage whisper. He had just let her out of the flat and closed the door on the chain.

Even in the half light cast by a street light outside I noticed Francesco had a bit of a hard on. I disappeared into the loo thinking he would go off to bed in the spare room and thought no more about it. But when I opened the door of the loo to go back to sleep next to a snoring Raoul, he was standing there putting a finger to his lips to stiffle my natural /surprise/">surprise.. We looked at each other and his forty-five degree errection in the half light sensing the excitement of the encounter. Then he pushed me gently back inside and let himself in too and closed the door behind us.

Franscesco pulled me towards his smooth slim body pressing his long penis with it's prominent arrow shaped glans against my stomach and kissing me full on the lips and around my neck and ears, his hands cupped my buttocks and before I knew what we were doing he had deftly turned me round in a swift ceremony of burning kisses and caresses and was now burying his wet glans between my buttoks and up through my instantly receptive ring piece and beyond into my soft slippery pink sheeth.

To my shame, the pleasure of being taken so forcibly was so intense that I gave way to his firm coaxing hands, instinctively yielding to his insistent thrusts, bending gradually over the loo to an angle guaranteed to give him the best possible prospect of full penetration from a standing position.

As I bent down, his thrusts found their mark. He pressed more confidently further and further inside pressing harder and harder with his piston like shaft and thickly rimmed glans against my throbbing prostrate at maximum intensely. Soon his expert hip motion and his grasping hands free porn movies download on my quivering thighs made his by now moist scrotum ample balls slap noisily back and forth into my smooth thighs. Then as deeper penetration sucked his scrotum partially inside me the slapping stopped and instead he became unsteady on his feet and I heard little squeels of excitement escape from him under his breath as he sensed he was fully inside. By now the heat of orgasm was building in us both.

My lowly inclined blonde head and fair skinned face and my moon shaped white buttocks both began to flush a deep pink colour with the heat of shame, ecstacy and anticipation. I felt my orgasm begin to flow without even touching my penis. I felt the first hot ooze of orgasmic pleasure begin to burst slowly inside me. As I gasped , I felt my semen begin to splatter down in intermittent gushes from my semi-errect penis, splashing semen over my feet, the floor and loo seat below me in a slow burning pulsing flow. Just as the last long surge of juices ebbed deliciously from me, his thrusts became suddenly more intense and his hoarse breath gave way to stiffled grunts of white heat release. In five impressive jets of semen Fransceco came to a shuddering climax inside me. I stood up slowly afterwards and he enfolded my chest in a warm post coital embrace. After two minutes he was still semi erect inside me but he agreed when I asked him to pull out to withdraw very slowly and reluctantly.

Quickly and as quietly as possible, we cleaned up the floor and each other. I sat on the loo for a bit and expelled as much of his semen and a lot of trapped air as I could. Afterwards I went sheepishly back to bed. I didn't really know what to say to Raoul about this unexpected steamy encounter. With his mate.

About a couple hours later, Raoul woke from a deep sleep with a massive /erection/">erection and started to fondle me into wakefulness. I told him just to enter me directly as I was nervous about him examining my buttocks too closely. I was sure that despite my washing that he would soon smell the tell tale aroma of Franscesco's seed lingering in my back passage if he got too close. But try as I might to encourage him to forget /foreplay/">foreplay he pulled back the covers and was soon fingering my hole which was seriously slippery from Francesco's exertions a couple hours earlier.

At first I thought Raoul did not smell a trace of his friend's semen inside me but as his fingers relaxed my anus he stopped suddenly and just said very matter of factly: ”Franscesco fucked you already tonight?”

I paused, gulped, and then said: ”Yes, while you were asleep. Susan left and Francesco and I both happened to feel horny together when we met in the hallway.”

Raoul was OK about it. He didn't even remove his fingers for one second. Perhaps the same thing had happened before with another of his liaisons. Perhaps he and Francescos had regular threesomes. He didn't seem upset or surprised anyway. Instead he became very horny and slid his thick penis inside with even more than his usual ardency. Eventually he said with what sounded almost like admiration in his voice, ”You know, you are really hot this morning!!”

By now my prostrate was throbbing again like /crazy/">crazy, though I was still completely drained of semen. Instead I became wet with clear sticky strings of prostatic fluid. My upper legs flushed with excitement again and my face started to burn as before. When he finally came after eight minutes of full on penetration he let out long orgasmic cries that I had never heard from him before, ones which Francesco could not have failed to hear full hd xvideo download lying in bed next door. Afterwards he said it was /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex he had ever experienced. He lay there for half an hour afterwards barely able to move.

Sometime after that Francesco decided to ask Susan to marry him and she moved to live with him in Spain. Raoul stayed in touch but his visits became less frequent when he acquired a less understanding driving companion. Then, when I moved to St Albans after a year I decided that contact should cease so I never gave him my forwarding address.

I sometimes wonder what whether Susan and Francesco are still married and what has become of Raoul. He was a very /sweet/">sweet lover.