Me and my boyfriend

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Me and my boyfriend

I can not forget that day when i and my fourth boyfriend hanged out at my wwwxxx house. It was 10th of July, and the weather was extremely hot. I was getting bored and my parents and the wwwxxx my younger brother went out on a tour. I wanted to join them but my /college/">college classes were on.

I decided to call my boyfriend. I called him on his number. He said," Hey honey!" I replied eagerly, "Hey darling, i was thinking if you can meet me at my place after 9pm and we can do all you want, If yes then please bring me a beer can." He replied, "Oh! I've been waiting for this day from last 3 weeks. I will come."

It was 8pm and i got ready, i wore a seductive dress which revealed my boobs a little. He came in and we had dinner. Then we got to my bedroom and he gave me the beer can. He said, "Honey, you look sexy and you're making me to just jump on you." I replied, "Wait baby, you'll get it."

I opened my dress. I was not naked but i was wearing a bra and a panty. He pulled me and kissed my lips.

He rolled his /sweet/">sweet tounge all over my face. I opened the beer and spread it on my breasts, my bra got wet and it revealed my nipples. He got horny and immediately tore my bra. I pulled his lips closer to my boobs. He sucked them hard. I screamed with pleasure, "Yeah,umm...I love you Jayson, do it hard, come on, ah!"

He sucked both my nipples and opened his shirt and unzipped. I said, "Hey, don't just unzip, open your pants."

He smiled and opened his pants too. Now, he was all naked in front of me, His penis was so attractive and it rose upwards as i touched his hand. He pulled me closer and i licked his penis. He made sounds like "ahh", "oh", "yeah, baby you dig it" and "fuck you hard". I was sucking it so hard. He then pushed me and threw me on my bed. He fucked me hard and i was filled with pleasure.