I Deflowered My Friends Wife

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I Deflowered My Friends Wife


I am Santosh from Ahmedabad. I am a clothes merchant and am doing quite well in my business. I am 28 years of age. I am of 5? 9? height, gray eyes and black hair, well groomed and a muscular build.

I have quite a few friends and one of the, Nihal, is one my closest and best friend. He got married this year and due to his busy schedule he was unable to give attention to his wife. His wife?s name is Puja. She is a /cute/">cute one, fair, 5? height, waist length black hair, deep brown eyes, a sexy figure and most of all 36D cups for her well formed breasts and a seductive voice.

On the day of their marriage, I was just attracted to her as a cute wife for my /friend/best-friend/">best friend. But after their marriage I had occasions of going to their house. Nihal?s father and mother were very good to Puja. Nihal?s /sister/">sister Rashmi was also cute and loved Puja a lot. But I wondered why she looked /sad/">sad every time I saw her. I tried to ferret the reason out of her, but she avoided the subject every time. One day she was talking to somebody over phone and I happened to overhear her that Nihal had not touched her till now. This made her feel depressed and hungry for sex. I sympathized with her and made it a point to keep her happy as long as I was around her. Slowly and gradually, my sympathy and attraction towards her changed into lust as I would as a habit get a glimpse of her skin through her saree or her hot cleavage whenever she bent over for something. One day I once again heard the same conversation that she was untouched. I wondered why Nihal was so careless. I did not understand that till now why he had not made love to that super hot body and my I suddenly had an urge to satisfy her sexual desire.

To think that her sexy body was still unexplored and she was still a virgin made me very horny indeed. I went home and jacked off fantasizing about Puja. That night I woke up to a dream of making love to her beautiful body. I jacked off again and went off to sleep. I was half awake up in the morning, I fantasized that Puja had come in my room after taking a bath with only a towel around her, smelling and looking fresh as a flower with morning dew speckled over its petals, bending over to wake me up and I grab her by her waist and kiss her. Then make love to her and make her squirm under /big/big-cocks/my-big-cock/">my big cock. Most of all I wanted to fuck her badly and I wanted to cum inside her and I wanted to squeeze, suck and bite her soft and /hot/hot-breasts/">hot breasts. It was maddening, I jacked off again. I had come to a stage where I couldn?t call it a day until I had jacked off thinking of Puja. All in all, my lust and erotic thoughts for Puja was growing into madness day by day.

One day Nihal called me up and requested me xxx to take Puja out for dinner and drop her back home as, excepting Puja, Nihal and his family were going to a marriage and would not be back for 3 days and 3 nights. I said I would and got into a bathroom to jack off. I thought to myself, I will definitely get to explore Puja?s inside today.

Puja called me in the evening and asked, ?Hello Santosh! When will you be coming around today??. Just hearing her voice over phone gave me an /erection/">erection. I said ?I am leaving in 5 minutes to be able join you for some tea. I hope you will make me some..? She laughed sweetly over phone and said, ?of course I will! Do come over soon..!? I left the shop, but I had to do something of my erection, I was about to jack off, but I thought, let it be. The more lustful that is, the more enjoyment can be attained inside her. So I immediately went off to Nihal?s place.

I rang her doorbell after 10 minutes. She opened the door and was looking ravishing in her red saree. The color went well with her complexion. It made her body look sexier and well sculpted. I wished my lust for her didn?t show in my eyes.

We went in and I sat on the sofa. She went into the kitchen to make some tea, I followed her to the kitchen. I then drank in her perfect figure and could resist. I grabbed her by her waist and tickled her tummy and navel. It was a perfect navel. Any tongue could get buried deep into that navel. She exclaimed, ?Santosh, what are you doing?? instead of answering I kissed her neck, and bit on her ear. She struggled some more, buti didn?t let go of her. I lifted her in my arms, she started kicking her legs, and yelling, ?please let me go Santosh! What are you doing?? I said, ?don?t struggle dear and you won?t be hurt.? She subsided to silence. I took her to her bedroom and lay her on her bed. I pushed the saree covering her navel and kissed her there. She whimpered and moaned. ?Ohhhhhh!? She said, ?Santosh what are you doing?? I said, ?Puja! I was waiting for an opportunity to be alone with you since I heard that you were not touched by that idiot Nihal. I have fantasized of making love to you since then! I would like to get inside your /cunt/hot-cunt/">hot cunt, I want to touch your naked body, I want to suck your nice breasts and in short I want to fuck you. Please let me do it. I know you want to have sex badly.? She blushed and submitted. I removed the saree from her chest and kissed her bare cleavage, I breathed down the gap. She gasped with pleasure. I undid her blouse and her saree and her petticoat. She was lying on the bed nude. I quickly undressed and started kissing her bare body. I kissed her thighs, the swollen lips of her pussy which clung to the panties. I kissed her navel again, I kissed her erect nipples poking on the bra. I kissed her neck. I kissed her lips, she responded passionately.

Her body was now on fire and she was quivering like jelly with the build of erotic tension inside her. I unhooked her bra and kissed the porn videos download back hidden under the strap, and slid it off her smooth skin. I then undid her panties. I was completely naked, and now she was naked too. She looked hot and I wanted to fuck her then and there. But I want it to last long. We sixty nined, my cock inside her /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth and her virgin cunt, hot and juicy on my tongue. The telephone rang and she had ran to receive it, buck naked. I ran behind her taking in her lush sexy figure running in front of me naked. I grabbed her from behind as she talked in the phone and played with her tits, my hardon rubbing against her ass. After she /hung/">hung up she made a half hearted effort to free herself. I held on and we walked back to her bedroom. On the way, she had my cock in her hand and was stroking it slowly. It felt good. I sat on the edge of the bed, and made her kneel down. She knelt down and sucked my cock while I played some more with her tits. Then she sat beside me on my right and went on to suck my cock, I meanwhile inserted the middle finger of my right hand into her cunt, she was dripping. She moaned, ?Aaahhh!? and continued sucking my monster cock. I finger fucked her for some time, then I laid her on the bed and sat astride her bare chest, my cock resting between her breasts. She got my intentions and wrapped those /boobs/hot-boobs/">hot boobs round my cock, I fucked her tits. She had a habit of sucking and licking the head of my cock whenever it reached up to her chin. It was magnificent feeling.

I could not take it any longer and I parted her thighs and lined my cock with her dripping /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt. I held her by her waist and pushed my cock into her waiting hot cunt. It was tight and and wet and well lubricated. Her hymen broke under my cock. I was inside her finally! My luckiest day.. my dreams and fantasies fulfilled. I fucked her till she had orgasmed on my cock and I filled my load of cum inside her cunt.

I knew Nihal and all wouldn?t be back till 3 days so I spent the night with her. I fucked her all night, cuming inside her hot, juicy and /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt, fertilizing her depth with my seeds. In the morning, she came in as desired by me, after taking a bath, a wet towel wrapped around her, smelling and looking fresh like a flower with settled beads of morning dew. She bent over to wake me up. I grabbed her by her waist and laid her. I kissed her lips. I undid her towel and pinned her to her bed with the help of my cock.

I went to the extent of not going to my shop until Nihal and his folks had returned from the function. ;-) Hope you liked my story.