A moral dilema

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A moral dilema

Teresa stood infrot of the mirror after her shower and before dressing reflecting on where her life was going. She had just received a phone call that made her excited about her future prospects, and before the interview she wanted to make sure that she presented well.

Teresa lived in a small country town, with a population of just 1200 people, so it was a known fact that everyone knew everyone. She came from a very religious family background, as did all the people that lived in her town, so it was of no to her parents when she said she wanted to pursue religion as her life long profession.

As she stood looking at herself in the mirror dressed only in her plain white cotton briefs and her plain white bra, she contemplated what it would be like to make love to man,because at the age of 24 she was still a virgin, and if she continued with her quest to become a nun, she would never be able to achieve the desires that were in her mind at that moment.

As she grew through her teens, and against her upbringing she had on a few occasionspleasured herself, but as she studied her trim figure, her full breasts she realizedthat her future was more important to her than her possible lust for a man.

For her interview that afternoon she decided to wear a very plain brown dress that from her shoulders and stopped passed her knees - very proper she thought. The fabric did hug her body a little but shedidn't think it to be disrespectful for her interview. As it was a warm day she decided not to wear any stockingsalthough they did make her legs look slender and long, and also chose to wear a pair of flat shoes.

Finally dressed, she said goodbye to her mother who wished her luck, and headed off to the loal xnxxv sunny leone video church where she was to be interviewed by the parish priest - a man she had known for over 18 years since he came to the town. As she drove to the meeting she felt strangebecause she remembered she had a silly school girl cruch on this man, and now she had to contain herself for the sake of her very future.

Arriving at the church, she entered and walking through the magnificent building she felt a sudden rush of fear in her body which shedismissed as just being nerves due to the importance of the day.
She finally found the office door, knocked and was told to enter.

The room was large, with walls full of books. In the middle of the room was a huge mahogany desk where the parish priest sat scribbling at something on his desk. In front of the desk were two huge leather chairs and on theside wall near the desk was what looked like a bed which seemed out of place but Teresa just dismissed this from her mind.

As she walked towards the desk, the priest stood and extended his hand which she took. She suddenlyfleet a tingle through her body as he gently squeezed her hand and welcomed her. he was a tall man, probably in his late 50's - she thought. he stood tall and straight and as he guided her to sit in one of the chairs she noticed how well defined his body was, as she normally only saw him in his priestly robes.

Teresa sat in the chair offered and he sat opposite her, at first just looking at her, which made her a little nervous, but after a few moments she started to relax as he spoke in a very soft but deep voice to her. As he spoke, Teresa could not help but watch his facial expression and for what ever reason she started to feel an excitement in her body which she had never before experienced.

All of a sudden her trance was broken when she felt the tough of his hand on her knee and his voice asking her if she was ok. 
"You must have been deep in thought my dear' is what she remembered him saying, to which she replied she was and she was sorry
He then smiled at her saying it was OK as she was taking a big step in her life, but, his hand stayed on herknee. Teresa could feel the strength in his hand as he held it there. he told her she was abeautiful young woman and that becoming a nun would mean giving up many things but it was his next question that caught her off guard. 'Are you a virgin' he asked. Teresa froze, she was sosurprised by the question, and all she could feel was his hand now, she thought, softly squeezing her leg.

She regained her compositor and knowing her face was red with embarrassment, she answered that she was, and agin felt his hand squeeze her leg , but this time moredefinitely. What made it also difficult was her upbringing, thinking that a priestdidn't ask things like that especially as she was hoping to become a nun, a member of the same church.

He moved forward in his chair towards Teresa, and as he did she felt his hand slide further up her leg, and although unsure of what to say or do, she started to feel stirrings within her body, and to hersurprise she started to feel wetness between her legs, but she told herself this was not happening and tried to controlherself in front of her interviewer.

He started asked if she knew that once she became a nun, thee was no sexual pleasure to which she knodded, and then heasked ' well have you thought of having a sexual experience before going down this path '. Teresa was again taken back a little butdidn't know what to answer as now she could feel his strong hand slowly stroking her thigh and she was more than a little aroused.

It was then that the priest said to her 'let me show you what you will miss, becauseyou may not want to give it up '. This truly stunned Teresa, but she was already lost in her own trance, feeling now not just one hand on her lap, but two, and, as she started to breath deeply, all she felt was his hands slowly pushing her dress up and exposing her legs to his now passionate eyes.

She knew this was wrong, she knew it shouldn't be happening but she couldn't resist this strong figure of a man as he slid her dress higher and higher.
She lay back in the chair, her breaths now deep as he finally stopped, and said to her ' your panties are wet, and you have a full pussy of hair, you look stunning '.

With that he spread her legs, placing them over his shoulders and knelt in frontof her as if at the alter, and it was then that she had her first ever oral experience as she felt his tongue start to softly lick her already soaked cotton panties. She moaned as his licking turned to sucking and as she felt her juices leave her body through her undies, she knew she was no longer in control.

It was then she felt her undies being slowly pulled down, but when she felt his wet tounge now start to lick her saoked hair, she exploded, for the in her life, she shot her cum all over his face as he buried it in her hair soaked crotch.

She knew it was wrong but she realized she had this lust for a man, any man , for quite a while and now was her time
Suddenly he stopped, stood up, took her dress and pulled it over her head. he told her to remove her bra, and once off, he told her to pull her already which she did - she was his to obey.

As she sat there pulling at her sensative nipples, she watched as he started to disrobe. First his shirt, then his trousers, and it was then that her biggest suprise came. he removed his underpants toexpose his 10" hard . She was in awe at this hard rod now pointing at her as she kept pulling at her nipples. Shecouldn't believe this holy man could be favored with such a , and when he told her to open his mouth she thought she would chock as she felt it go in, but it tasted so good. As he held her head between his hands and told her to suck his priestly tool, she foundherself fingering her clit and getting hornier than she had ever remembered.

She sucked him harder and faster, and as she did her juices began to flow all over the chair, she wanted to rest but he held her there telling her to keep sucking as it was part of her initiation to becoming a nun. She looked up at him as he kept pumping her mouth, and then all of a sudden with a smile on his face, he shot his load in her mouth. Not being ready for it,Teresa nearly chocked, but she took it all, and when he lifted her face to his and put his wet lips on her, shecouldn't hold back her passion any longer as she pushed her tongue and his cum into his mouth.

For a long moment they kissed, and it was then she found out why he kept a bed in his office as he walked her over, told her to lay down as he was going to fuck her there and then. She had never had a penis in her, butdidn't resist his motions as real forced anal against her will she felt her legs placed over his shoulders, as she felt the hot head of his cock push against her now soaked cunt lips, and when he held her hips and thrust inside her in one motion she screamed, not for pain but pleasure. She had never realized what such a long, hard, thick coke would feel like until now and with that she trust her body at him as he pumped her wildly, also grabbing at her hard nipples and squeezing them

It seemed forever that they fucked, her hole was flowing with cum, her body sweat was rolling of her, but he kept thrusting , deeper and deeper until finally he shothis load in her filling her hole with his hot sticky cum, so full was she, she felt it ooze out and run between her cheeks onto the bed, but what happened next shewasn't ready for.

With the force of a man pssessed he rolled her over, lifted her onto her hands and legs, spread her ass cheeks and rammed his cock into her very private area, so hard and deep that she screamed, but this time with pain. he told her not to worry as he thrust deeper and deeper and finally her pain became pleasure as she pushed back at him with each thrust, this to her was heaven, and even when she lost control and let her water run, she was no longerembarrassed .
Finally the two stopped, they feel back on the bed, and as the priest softly massaged her soaked pussy, and she held his trembling 10" monster, he ask ' well my dear do you want to give this up to become a nun ?'

Teresa lying there thought for a moment, and told him she would rather work for him as his assistant so he could further instruct her in the ways of the church.
All she heard was his laugh as he rolled onto her tummy and penetrated her cunt once more with his , and as they fucked he told her she could work for him as long as part of their daily routine was to partake in the lust that god had given them