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Mario is this man who delivers general supplies to my company on Thursdays. Ive made a habit of passing our supply closet, and needing supplies on Thursday afternoons. Ive been dreaming of him for weeks. Many times after an encounter with him i have to rush to the bathroom downstairs for an urgent jacking-off. Noone ever used the downstairs bathroom. plus its a single toilet one so theres a lock on the outside door.
He is my height with tan skin, light green eyes, lush lips and dark hair, a striking combination worthy of a supermodel. Northern Italian maybe?
Ive been watching the clock for roughly 20 minutes. he usually arrives between 3:20 and 3:35 and stops in the mailroom first to have Jordan, the mouthy mail clerk who Ive sodomized several times, sign for the arrival. Jordan is in a serious relationship now so he looks, often with a familiar fire in his eyes, but he doesnt touch. Love does that, I guess.
I sit in a cubicle by the window, right underneath the cold air conditioner vent. Outside the sun is beating down on the trees by the window. Lucky for me i have a partial view of the driveway leading to the door where the deliveries are brought in. It usually takes about 6 minutes from the time that i see his truck drive by, until he actually gets inside to see Jordan. This week i made a special order for folders so ill have a reason to seek him out.
Then i see it. The white truck flits by, and I catch it out the side of my eye. my heat quickens. Its 3:25. Hes right on time.
nows the wait for him to come in.
I turn around and make light conversation with my neighbor, Marcia. Shes a nice gal and flirts with me sometimes, but usually the purpose of my talking to her is so I can be faced to the door and see Mario come through.
The sun moves out from behind the clouds and beats down xxx sex video download free com on my back. I should have shut the blinds. Its a scorcher out there. The sun would beat down on Marios skin and cause his crevices to get damp. I wonder if hes as tan under his clothes as he is on his arms.
I feign interest in what Marcia is saying. Its mean but i dont ask anything i really want to know because Im not listening. Ill just have to ask again later.
then a dark figure moves into view and instantly my eyes flick to him.
He looks a little tanner than he did last time i saw him. Hes about 510, my height, and wearing shorts. His legs are also bronze and nicely shaped. This guys works for a living, he doesnt sit around. and it shows. oh my god does it show. if he were smart hed do some modeling on the side.
Hes facing Jordan and i can see Jordan talking animately. there is the faint stain of sweat under his arms. He must have just gotten done unloading the boxes that hold our supplies. His butt is obscured by the walls of the cubicles in this office. he sways a little in conversation, obviously trying to move away from Jordan.
He began walking away toward the door to the hall. I got up and quickly covered the long distance to the door. I reached it just in time to see his blue shirt disappear in the supply room.
If I went in there too quickly would he know I was waiting? would he be on to me? do i want him to suspect my attraction to him? i think i do.
So i dont hesitate in picking up my pace a little. my heart is thudding as i open the door and try to look nonchalant.
"Hey Mario" I say.
"Oh, hey Mark." he says. I love hearing him say my name.
He is bent over opening a box of copy paper. His legs are the image of perfection: tan, muscular and masculine. His ass is as well, both tight and curvaceous; his cheeks looking like they were made to be a perfectly luscious handful for someone who knows how to appreciate them.
I felt my cock stiffen and press against the zipper of my pants. I was wearing flat front khakis with a tight black shirt. I had put on my favorite cologne today and I could smell it lightly rising from my skin. I looked and smelled good.
Next to Mario was a shelf of pens and pencils. He was still leaning over and I didnt want to make it obvious that I was checking out his ass while he stood there with it teasingly poised in the air. I moved to grab some pens off the shelf, pens I didnt need, and I could feel heat coming from him. It was a hot day. The heat was still lingering on his skin, not yet cooled by the buildings aggressive air conditioners.
"So hows business?" he asked.
"Not too bad. The weeks almost over already, so thats nice" I said opening a new box of pencils, trying to look like I really did have a purpose there other than checking him out.
"Yeah, it is. Any big plans for the weekend?" He asked.
"Oh, I was going to go up to the lake with a few of the guys, do some cliff jumping." I replied. "You?"
"I was thinking of doing the same thing, actually. Which lake do you go to? Sylvan Lake or White Crest?" He asked.
"Sylvan, usually." I replied. "I dont know where were going this weekend though. We may go to the other one"
"Really? I usually go to Sylvan. Its a bit warmer."
"Yeah, it is. Thats where well probably end up" I said.
He was standing up straight now, facing me. My cock was still straining against my pants. I wonder if he can tell. His tan, toned arm reached around me and grabbed a box cutter that was sitting on a shelf. He got close enough that I once again was able to feel the heat of his body. I couldnt help but check out the bulge in his pants. It was about the size of my fist. I felt saliva rush around my tongue. I imagined the smell and taste of his hot, sweaty glands on his golden skin. The smell of sex.
I felt the precum on the tip of my penis. I was aching.
The room was pretty small, only about fifteen feet by fifteen feet and it was full of boxes, shelves and file cabinets. We were close and he didnt seem uncomfortable. I wanted to fuck him so bad my cock was straining toward him like a snake to a charmer.
We had been silent for a few minutes and I was just standing there, watching him. Wanting him.
"Here are those folder you ordered." he said handing me the folders.
I snapped out of my little trance and reached out for them. Our fingers touched as they passed from his hand into mine. Then I looked up and saw him staring at me curiously.
"You probably use more of these supplies than anyone in the office." He said with a smirk. "are you sure you arent stealing them?" he asked good naturedly. I let out what sounded precariously like a giggle.
"Nah, I think I just work harder than anyone else" I joked in return.
we made small talk for a little while. He looked me right in the eye the whole time.
It may have been my imagination but sexual tension began to fill the room. He had begun to drive me crazy. I felt magnetized to him and felt myself inching as close as I could. I wanted to reach out and run my hands down his hard chest, squeeze his nipple and hear what he sounds like when he vocalizes his pleasure. Does he moan? Does he grunt, breathe hard, go silent? I had the overwhelming desire to find out.
He was leaning over again opening another box. I could see the round sac pushing out the fabric between his legs. I wanted to feel it. I wanted to taste it. The box he was opening was full of smaller boxes of markers and staples. Those things belonged on the shelf behind me and I could see that he was going to need to turn to get to it. My heart quickened as I knew Id have to act quickly, I was tired of waiting for the action, I needed something. My cock was hard as stone and twitching and aching, I definitely needed something more this time.
I moved out of the way and grabbed a legal pad off the shelf then quickly stepped back just as he turned, his hands full of boxes of pens and staples. He was kneeling down and didnt expect me to step back behind him so he ended up hitting me in the back of the knee with his elbow as he turned. I could have stopped myself from going down if I wanted to, but I didnt. Luckily I went down gracefully and a strategically placed shove to his back knocked him off kilter so he fell as well. We ended up in a pile with me on the bottom and him half on top of me, his hip right on top of my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and his legs sprawled beside of mine.
I could have gotten myself in trouble if he suspected that was on purpose and if he didnt like guys.
My heart was pounding still, half with desire, half with fear that id be found out or that he wouldnt return the feelings. But he didnt move. His body was warm and heavy and I had to fight the urge to wrap my arms around him. He shifted a little and my cock surged with pleasure, I had to take a deep breath.
"that was a nice move." he said. My stomach sunk and i forgot all about my dick.
"You didnt hurt yourself did ya?" he asked.
I could only manage a quiet "unh-uh"
"There are easier, less painful ways of getting a guy on all fours you know" he said sitting up a little with a mischievous look in his eye. But he didnt get up completely.
"I can tell by the rock under my hip right now that youre not really anxious to get up off the floor." he had felt my cock. I still wasnt totally sure that he wasnt either joking or trying to play some kind of trick.
"Im sorry, am i making you nervous? Should i get up? Maybe my assumption was wrong?" he said, his tone changing to sound sincere. His eyes were warm and he started moving to get up. Is this my chance?
"Well, youre right. Im not anxious to get up. and I am nervous but its okay." I said quickly. I flashed a nervous smile. He moved again, this time to move his left arm over by body and prop himself up. he was looming over me now.
"Do you sexxxx video ful hd want to kiss me?" he asked. He was almost whispering. He was so close I could feel his breath. He seemed to be moving in closer and closer. His breath was warm, his chest was so close.
Tentatively I raised my hand up to touch his chest. I was surprised to instantly feel his pulse jumping out at me. He was just as excited as I was. He looked down at the bulge in my pants and moved into kiss me with a smile.
I dove right in. I kissed him, his warm mouth hitting me hard and soft at the same time. I ran my hand down his chest and put it around his waist to drawn him closer.
His tongue was thick and moved skillfully in my mouth. His kisses got more and more urgent as he moved more of his weight on top of me.
Somehow it was a /surprise/">surprise when I felt his cock through his pants. It was big and hard and instantly I wanted it out of his pants. I wanted to taste it and touch it and be fucked with it. We groped and kissed and pawed at each other for about 5 minutes. He bit at my neck and ran his hand down my asscrack from outside of my pants. Each touch threw a shiver down my spine and into my stomach.
Laughing was coming from the hall. Mario put his head and listened. The laughing was getting louder so he pulled himself up quickly and smoothed out his clothes. I pulled myself up after him and smoothed my clothes out too. There were a couple girls on their way to the breakroom, which was in the room next door to the supply closet. His hand reached out and gently cupped the bulge in my pants. he massaged it and it restiffened. His hand was hot and strong. I couldnt help but arch my back a little and let out a small moan.
"Is there somewhere we can go?" he asked almost breathless. I leaned in a kissed him more. His lips were soft and full and warm. I could suck on them all day.
"yes." take the stairs down the hall until you get to the hallway down there, then follow it to the end and meet me in the bathroom."
"deal" he said after a kiss. My hand wandered down to his cock and I squeezed it through his pants. He inhaled deeply. "itll be a few minutes. I have to finish up in here." he said.
I straightened out my clothes once again and grabbed the supplies that I had pretended to need. and I walked out. my cock was still pushing against my pants so I tried to carry the supplies so that it covered the bulge. A surge of excitement ran though me so strong that I had to stifle the urge to yell or skip, or something.
I went quickly to my desk, grabbed the small tube of Vaseline that I kept in my desk for my chapped lips, and for "emergencies" like this and shoved it in my pocket. I then snuck out of the office and ran down the hall, down the stairs and to the bathroom. I got in there and locked the door. the bathroom was clean, smelled like air freshener and had tacky pink tiles. It had a large wall sized mirror above the dark pink counter.
What should i do? get undressed? just sit here? should I pee? I imagined the possibilities and pulled my pants and boxers down to my knees. My cock stuck out a length of a good seven inches. I stoked my rock hard shaft as I imagined Mario spread out before me, legs wide open revealing a pink little circle amongst an expanse of flawless tanned skin..
I was still stoking when I heard a light knock at the door. I hid my body behind the door as I opened it for Mario. He came in quickly and I locked it behind us.
He stood there and looked at my cock. It was hard and swaying with my movement. I went back to leaning against the counter and lightly stroked my cock as I waited for him to do something.
"So. what would you like to do first?" I asked. He was still watching my cock, watching my hand lightly caress it.
He nodded at it, "You just keep doing that. let me watch for a little bit." he leaned up against the wall behind the door and I watched his own hand stray toward the fly of his pants, which he slowly undid as he watched my hand. I could see his cock was also hard and bulging.
I pumped my cock a few times, then stopped and caressed it gently some more. He watched as though entranced by my /penis/large-penis/">large penis, tan and red swaying gently within its nest of neat brown pubes.
Soon his shorts were off. Then his shirt. He undressed quickly to reveal a masculine chest, sculpted and lightly covered with dark brown hair. His penis was standing out at a 90 degree angle from his body, probably weighed down with its heavy thickness. It was a little shorter than mine, but it was still dreamy.
He caressed his cock as I caressed mine. We stood there looking at each other, taking each other in with our eyes as completely as we could. He was muscular and masculine. I was toned and smooth. As i began to stroke my shaft a little harder his eyes seemed to almost glaze over, transfixed on my penis. He took a step toward me, a slow step and he watched my penis and soon he was kneeling down before me, his eyes level with my hand, stroking my cock slowly, trying not to get too worked up.
I wanted him to take me in his mouth. I wanted to feel the warm, wet pleasure of a mouth swallowing my cock, taking it in and loving it.
I let go of my cock and let it sway near his face.
"Suck it. please?" i whispered.
In a quick swoop he had my cock in his mouth. I moaned as he took me in deeper and deeper. His tongue swirled around my cock head and his hand had a firm grip at the base. Butterflies developed in my stomach. His mouth was hot, gulping, desperately trying to take as much in as possible. It was heaven. I didnt even realize I was moaning with the pleasure. I could see his own hand was still fondling his hard cock. He sucked me furiously and I felt the pleasure building and building.
I gripped his hair and his head bobbed up and down his eye glancing up quickly to reveal a slutty twinkle in his eye. He loved sucking cock and it was clear. He took it in as deep as it was go while his hand pumped the base, increasing the pleasure so much that I could no longer hold control my voice. I moaned some more. Then he stopped.
He grabbed me by the hips and turned me around. My cock was up against the counter I was suddenly face to face with my own reflection. His hands kneaded my ass. They rubbed and massaged and worked their way into the crack. My cock spasmed as I felt his fingers digging for my hole. I was so close to cumming and now my cock twitched with anticipation. I bent over and spread my legs a little, the same way I had pictured before.
His fingers found my hole and spread my ass cheeks away from it.
"God, I love your ass." he said to me, still kneading my cheeks. "Im going to eat it, boy. Im going to stick my tongue up your /sweet/">sweet, tight /cunt/boy-cunt/">boy cunt." he told me. Even more butterflies filled my stomach from the anticipation. I could feel his fingers spread my cheeks more, almost painfully. I leaned forward more and grabbed my cock.
First he spit on my asshole. Then I felt his soft tongue make contact with it. He didnt do it tentatively like a inexperienced or prudish man would, he jammed his tongue into my hole, keeping it stiff and smooth. It was warm and wet and slutty. I pumped my cock as best as I could leaning over the counter. I could see my figure in the reflection from the top of my eye. The reflection on my face was that of pure /ecstasy/">ecstasy. It almost made me laugh: something I had dreamt of for weeks. This man was the subject of all my masturbation fantasies since the moment I saw him. Now he had his tongue up my ass, lapping it up.
He ate me as though my ass were a cold juicy peach on a hot summers day. He licked and sucked and bit my cheeks and the pleasure was so intense i feared i would cum so hard i would scream and rouse the whole building.
His fingers had found their way back into my ass and he worked his finger into my ass as he licked it. His finger was smooth and it pulled me open, stretching my hole and sparking an electric buzz in my sphincter. I panted and moaned and pulled on my cock slowly trying to prolong the sweet blissful pleasure that was just waiting to explode out of me. The buzz intensified when his second and third finger slipped in to my ass. At this point there was no more room for Marios face so he stood up and watched me in the mirror as he /ass/ass-fucking/fucked-my-ass/">fucked my ass with his fingers. I loved it and I loved watching him watch me. The shitting feeling combined with the pure ecstasy I was pulling from my cock was amazing.
"There is Vaseline in the pocket of my pants." I said between thrusts as a not so subtle fuck-me hint. He stopped and stooped over to grab my pants. He moved his fingers around in my ass, moving them, and made those peculiar shots of pleasure that come only from the ass, shoot through my cheeks. I wanted his hard Italian cock inside me, fucking me raw, hitting that sweet exquisite spot deep inside my gut. The spot that sings when stroked by a thick, /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock.
He had to manipulate the pants with one hand but eventually worked the tube of lube out of my pocket. I felt the cold cream hit my hole and his fingers massage it around, my ass relaxing and opening for him. inviting him in. He squeezed a wad of it onto his cock and massaged it, his eyes closing with the pleasure. I positioned myself so I could watch his face as he slid into me, sticking my butt out, enjoying the submissive posture. He moved closer and closer until I finally felt his fingers pull out and a warm, round head take its place. He moved the head in with slow movements, working its thickness all the way in. His face relaxed and his thick lashes closed over his green eyes. His mouth opened and contorted a little in ecstatic pleasure.
Soon he was in all the way, his /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock filling me and pulling my little hole to its limits. He applied a little more lube and then began pumping. Slow at first, with small moans coming from his throat each time he had its full length in. His strong hands gripped my waist and rubbed the soft muscle on my sides. He sped up a little now, his cock hard as a rock ripping through me sending waves of painful pleasure though my whole body. I grabbed my cock and pupped it hard, pounding it as I felt the urgency in Marios thrusts. His mouth still open as grunts began making their way out of his throat he jammed it and jammed it, holding me tighter and tighter. Finally I felt the white hot pleasure of orgasm, what I had been aching for since he started, sweep through my body. I pounded my cock until cum, from the very bottom of my balls, shot from it onto the pink counter. Mario wrapped his arms around my body and pounded my ass, pounded me into the counter, squeezing me hard, tightening more and more until his cock emptied into me. I thought I could almost feel the cum hit the wall of flesh in my ass with a hot, erotic thud. Maybe it was my imagination. maybe it wasnt.
He withdrew and grabbed a paper towel out of the dispenser to clean himself up.
I was still watching him , sweat dripping down between his nicely shaped, lightly fuzzed pecs. Sweat glistening on his smooth forehead, with a curl of dark hair stuck to his skin. He was /adorable/">adorable. He was beautiful.
I sat down on the toilet and realized I was still wearing my shirt, which I then promptly took off and threw into the corner with the pile of Marios clothes. Mario leaned up against the wall and looked at me still panting and trying to catch his breath.
"That was amazing" he said. "You have /ass/best-ass/the-best-ass/">the best ass I have ever fucked. So tight and hot. God!" He roared in a humorous fake growl. Once again I giggled.
"Well stud, you know Im have to get a piece of yours before you leave." I said in return. He smiled and sat down on the floor, spread his legs and tilted his head. "Okay. Do you want to give it to me from behind or from the front?" he asked. The bathroom was just big enough to allow him to lay down completely and stretch out. He used the clothes as a pillow. I kneeled down, my cock already hardening again from just looking at him. He was wide open and waiting for me. It was like a dream. He lifted his hips and gyrated them.
"Im waiting..." he said as i hesitated, just looking at his tan, hairy body. So masculine and inviting. His pink, puckered asshole was surrounded by curly dark hairs, the hair spread out down his legs, around his /cock/red-cock/">red cock, which he began fondling again.
I grabbed the little tube of Vaseline and squeezed some on my hands, which I rubbed all over my cock. It still felt a little sensitive but just looking at the angel, this god of a man sitting before me, waiting to enter him, it was almost like I was fifteen again, sneaking looks at the /shower/shower-boys/boys-in-the-shower/">boys in the shower room and quietly jacking off in a toilet stall. I was ready to take him.
He lifted his ass up, his legs spread wide open and I rubbed the head of my cock around his sweet hole. His beautiful cheeks were soft but firm at the same time. I just wanted to bite them, to put them in my mouth and taste them. But I had other things to tend to.
Almost before I was ready, he pushed himself towards me, bearing down. My cock slipped past the point of resistance and into his warm, /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. I pumped slowly at first, his cock stiffening with every thrust. His strong hands went to his cock and he began pumping, his eyes closed and his mouth opened. His legs spread even more. I leaned down close to him so that I could smell him, the sweat on his chest from when he fucked me still there. My ass still buzzed with the memory of his cock. I could feel the cum churning up from my balls yet again. The sweet feeling of orgasm rising from my balls up through my cock. His ass was tight and hot and slippery. Each time my cock dipped down into him the pleasure within my shaft doubled. I saw white as I pumped as hard as I could, almost desperate for the second release of pleasure. It came with a rush, I grabbed his hips and pulled him towards me as hard as I could, pumping hard and fast. Again I was moaning as I closed my eyes and allowed the rush spread throughout me. As I opened them I saw a load spill from Marios cock as he pounded it furiously and grinded his hips. All the visual ecstasy before me just sweetened the deal, causing ripples of orgasm to resound throughout my body with every pulse of my emptied dick.

Soon we were dressed. I leaned over to plant a kiss on his neck. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a business card. I was surprised to see that he owned the delivery business.
"We should do this again sometime. Maybe ill catch you at the last this weekend." he said as he winked at me and disappeared out the door. I made it back up to my desk and felt shivers rush through me as I sat down on my just-ravaged ass. I had make it back just in time to shut down my computer and go home.